Crystal Restoration Services

Crystal Restoration Services


Crystal Restoration Services is a stable, independently-owned and operated business for more than 40 years.

They specialize in Residential, Commercial and Industrial complete Insurance Claim Restoration.

You can call Crystal Restoration Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 442-7978 or visit their website at

Water Damage RestorationCrystal Restorations

Emergency restoration services are crucial for home and business owners faced with severe water damage. Without prompt action, structural deterioration, fungus spore growth and permeating odors can increase geometrically.

Crystal Restoration Services handles water damage with a coordinated program designed to remove water and prevent further damage.

Contents Cleaning

Whenever possible, contents are attended to on-site. However, in some instances, Crystal Restoration requires the services of technicians who are specifically trained and experienced in a particular trade (i.e., specialty drapery, upholstery and carpet cleaning and restoration, electronic systems servicing and furniture repair and refinishing, to name a few). In either case, it is important to treat all furnishings and materials promptly to maximize the chances for full restoration to predamage conditions.

Crystal Restoration Services specializes in many areas of content cleaning including Draperies and Upholstery, Carpeting and Area Rugs, Electronic Systems, and Furniture Cleaning, Repair and Restoration.

Smoke and Soot Damage from Fire / Puffback

Restoration Services Resulting damage from smoke and soot can vary, from containment to a relatively small area, such as a laundry room, to affecting the entire home or building. No matter how extensive the fire or puffback, immediate response from a restoration professional is crucial. In cases where the damage is minimal, soot and odor can still spread to other areas of the property if not attended to quickly. And with a fire, it may be necessary for a home or business owner to secure the property immediately. Crystal Restoration Services possesses the capabilities to service all situations in a timely fashion.

HVAC and Duct System Cleaning

The heating and air conditioning system ducts are usually the first items checked and cleaned following a fire or puffback emergency. Because the system is usually running during the event, it can work to spread soot, smoke and/or odor throughout the structure – making prompt, corrective action imperative.

The HVAC system may also be affected during a water damage. Many times, water can travel throughout the duct system by gaining entrance into floor or ceiling vents. Additionally, flooding may have occurred near the unit. If the accumulated water has been left unattended, mold development is possible, therefore allowing for spores or bacteria to be pulled into the system and spread throughout the building via the duct work.

In general, professional cleaning, deodorizing and, at times, sanitizing treatments are less costly and more time-efficient than system replacement, therefore minimizing property losses. Crystal Restoration Services offers complete repair and restoration of residential and commercial HVAC systems following puffbacks, boiler explosions, fires, floods, oil spills and similar emergencies.

Mold Remediation

As members of the Indoor Air Quality Association, Crystal Restoration Odor Removal ServiceServices is a mold certified firm with all project managers (including the owners) certified in mold remediation. Crystal Restoration adheres to five general principles used in the remediation of mold-contaminated structures and materials.

Odor Removal

One of the most unpleasant after-effects of smoke or fire damage is the offensive odor that can linger long after the original emergency event. Odor removal is an important part of Crystal Restoration Services’ treatment package and is performed by technicians thoroughly trained in the latest state-of-the-art techniques.

The goal of any odor removal operation is not simply to “mask” the odor but to effectively neutralize it at its source. Crystal uses a combination of methods to ensure that odors are completely eliminated in the damaged site.

Moving and Storage of Contents

In cases of severe damage from fire, water, mold, etc., an insured’s contents must be moved from the affected site and stored elsewhere until restoration work is completed. Often referred to as a “packout”, the procedure is similar to a household or office move with one major exception – only restorable or salvageable items are moved.

Crystal Restoration Service You can call Crystal Restoration Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 442-7978 or visit their website at

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