The Importance of Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Do you really need collision and comprehensive auto insurance coverage? If you’re a driver looking to save a little money on insurance, this question may have crossed your mind at some point.

It’s tempting to settle for the minimum. After all, you’re a safe, responsible driver, right? Why do you need more than just liability insurance in the off-chance of an accident?

When Liability Insurance is Not Enough

The answer is because many drivers aren’t as safe and responsible as you. Some aren’t responsible enough to get liability insurance, others aren’t responsible enough to stay at the scene of the accident, and some are willing to lie about what happened to cover up their mistakes. And what happens in those cases? Responsible drivers like you get stuck with the bill.collision and comprehensive auto insurance

Like it or not, these are all very common problems and they happen in Connecticut all the time. Although driving without liability insurance is illegal, many motorists don’t seem to care because they choose to drive uninsured. While Connecticut is better than many other states, an Insurance Information Institute report estimated that 8% of drivers on Connecticut’s roads in 2012 were driving uninsured. To put this in more visual terms, roughly 1-in-12 drivers you may have passed on the road on any given day were driving uninsured!

Do you like taking chances? Because I personally don’t think those are thrilling odds. Imagine getting into a major fender bender – maybe a door is smashed, but you’re okay – and then rolling some dice to see if the guy who hit you is insured. That’s basically what could happen if somebody crashes into you because they ran a red light or breezed past a stop sign. If they’re not insured (or choose to just drive off), you might get stuck paying for the damage they did to your car. Is that a position you really want to put yourself in?

Collision coverage may not be the law, but it’s a necessity with so many reckless, uninsured drivers on the road. It keeps you from getting stuck footing the whole bill yourself.

The Perks of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Another useful coverage comes with comprehensive auto insurance. Where liability covers the damage you do to others, and collision covers the damage to your car while driving, there’s one significant vulnerability left: damage done to your car that isn’t the result of a traffic accident.

Comprehensive coverage protects you in the case of theft, vandalism, and other things. To put it another way, if you hit a tree, your collision insurance will cover you. However, if a tree falls on your parked car, that’s where comprehensive insurance comes into play.

The importance of both of these coverage options cannot be understated, given that we live in a world where anything can happen. You really can’t afford to be too careful especially when you consider how significant cars are in our daily lives.

If you live around the Brookfield, CT area and want to discuss auto insurance options, be sure to give Warwick Agency a call today at (203) 775-2564 (because who knows what can happen tomorrow!)

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