Do You Need Homeowners Insurance for Zumba

Zumba! For some this brings to mind a lively and lighthearted workout. Unfortunately, for two women in Arizona, it is a reminder of legal disaster because they didn’t know they needed Homeowners Insurance for Zumba classes. What began as a fun, dance-themed fitness class ended in a regret for everyone involved.

The Event Homeowners Insurance for Zumba

In January 2013, a woman attending a local Zumba class in Arizona sued her fitness instructor for a stroke she suffered during the class. In response, the instructor and her husband submitted a claim under their homeowners insurance policy.

However, the insurance company told the Zumba instructor that her homeowners insurance policy would not cover this woman’s injury. In fact, her homeowners policy would not cover any business related injury. Since this instructor taught Zumba classes, her insurance did not cover any injuries that happened while she was teaching.

The Court Ruling 

The injured woman tried to argue that the instructor’s Zumba classes didn’t count as a business since the classes were free. Her reasoning didn’t fly with the court. It was clear enough that the injury would not be covered by the policy.

In the end, the insurance company was not responsible to help to the injured woman based on the policy coverage. The instructor and her husband were liable for the injury.

An Alternative 

Every business owner hopes for insurance that provides full coverage so they can pursue their work and dreams without fear of liability. Business owners want confidence that they won’t find themselves in a similar situation.

This Zumba instructor was teaching classes for free because she was passionate about what she was doing. She probably didn’t realize that she needed additional coverage. But teaching for free did not keep her from being considered a business by the insurance company because of her policy.

The Zumba instructor could have prevented herself from being sued. Most likely, if she had sought legal advice about this, an insurance broker would have noticed the holes in her plan and offered a solution. That would have saved her from experiencing the worst-case scenario. Instead she was faced with a legal nightmare.

What should You know? 

Make sure your business is completely covered in every possible situation. It can be tricky to navigate your personal business needs without professional insurance help. You may not even be aware of what pit-falls to look for. Don’t find yourself in similar trouble.

If you are a business owner in the Brookfield, CT area and need a coverage plan, don’t wait for the worst to happen! Call us today at (203) 775-2564 and get the coverage you need so you can chase your work and dreams without fear.

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