Four Steps to Motorcycle Safety

As spring continues and summer approaches, the sunshine and mild weather calls to those with motorcycles to start up the engines again. Maybe it’s no coincidence that May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month.

The joy of riding on the open road is why many motorcycle enthusiasts do it! But it is also no secret that this pastime comes with potential risk. Whether you own a motorcycle or love someone who does, educate yourself on basic motorcycle safety and enjoy your hobby without fear.

Proper Gear

The first step of safely owning and enjoying a motorbike is to buy and wear proper safety equipment. Your head is most vulnerable when out on the roads. This is why the government recommends that you own a helmet that meets their Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Helmets that are certified will be labeled with a Department of Transportation symbol. Be sure to properly wear your helmet anytime you get on your bike. Even for short trips or when simply moving your vehicle, wear a helmet.

Don’t forget eye protection! Goggles, or preferably a face guard, don’t just protect your eyes and face from rocks and bugs at high speeds. They also make your ride more comfortable and safe by keeping wind and rain out of your eyes.

In addition to head and face protection, be sure to cover your arms and legs with thick pants, long sleeved jackets, closed-toe shoes, and even gloves. Sturdy clothing will further protect your skin in case of an accident.

Respect the Rules of the Road

As with operating any vehicle, following the basic driving laws keeps you and others safe on the road. Be aware of your surroundings, signal to other drivers, and drive at an appropriate speed. Common courtesy applies here as well. Tailgating, trying risky maneuvers around slow cars, or failing to notice cyclists can be dangerous for everyone involved.

Err on the side of caution when assessing a situation, especially during heavy traffic. Educate yourself on any traffic laws or unspoken rules that are specific to motorcycles.

Also, it is always unsafe to operate any vehicle under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. Don’t forget that some prescription or over the counter medication can make you unsafe to drive as well. Always read the labels or check with your doctor if you are uncertain.

Maintain Your Bike

You may or may not be mechanically handy, and that’s ok! Be sure that you are familiar enough with your motorbike to be able to identify when there is a problem or when it is time for the periodic trip to the mechanic. The more you are familiar with your bike the safer you will be from unforeseen breakdowns.

Protect your motorcycle from weather damage by investing in a cover and keeping your vehicle stored in a garage during the winter. Understand how extreme heat or cold may affect the way your motorbike works. Researching your motorbike’s make and model and asking your mechanic questions are easy ways to educate yourself about your vehicle.

Know Your Limits

The key to motorbike safety is knowing your personal limits. Whether you ride a moped around town, or dirt bike in the desert, knowing your level of skill and experience is invaluable.

Did you know that being overly tired can be as dangerous as driving under the influence? If you feel like the traffic, the weather, your exhaustion, or even hunger is beginning to impair your ability to safely drive your motorbike, pull over and take a break.

Finally, enjoy your recreation with confidence that you are well informed about basic motorcycle safety. Don’t forget that you need insurance coverage to legally drive your motorcycle. Be sure your coverage plan fully covers everything you need so you can enjoy your favorite hobby without stress.

Do you live in the Brookfield, CT area and love motorcycles? Call us at (203) 775-2564 and make sure you are getting the best coverage plan for your needs!

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