4 Things to Consider When Insuring a Second Home

Insuring a second home

Everyone loves vacations. Whether it’s fun in the sun, getting back to nature, or visiting theme parks, vacations offer a rare chance to take our minds off day-to-day life and truly relax. For those of us who absolutely fall in love with a certain destination and want to visit it year after year, owning a […]

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Power Outages and Food Safety: Toss it or Keep it?

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It seems like the electricity always goes out in Fairfield County when it’s either way too hot or way too cold – talk about inconvenient! Know what’s also inconvenient? Not being sure whether your food is safe to eat during and after an outage. Obviously, you want to err on the side of caution. And, […]

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Identity Theft: Protect Yourself After a Data Breach

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Everybody needs to be vigilant now that data breaches and identity theft have become common occurrences. You wake up, take a sip of your morning coffee, and turn on the TV. The news anchors report that another data breach occurred. Your stomach drops. Once again, your most personal information may be compromised. More and more […]

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A New Device That Can Save Your Teen Driver’s Life

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We all worry about our kids… especially our teen drivers. Let’s face it … teens don’t have a reputation for being the safest, most reliable drivers. I’m sure most of us can recall close calls and other mishaps from our own youths involving either ourselves or friends. Of course, those were the days BEFORE cell phones […]

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Our Local Partners Program

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We Give You Choices

An independent insurance agency like Warwick Agency has access to all of the best carriers! With more options, we're able to custom design an insurance package that is perfect for you and your needs! From Safeco to MetLife, from Progressive to Aetna, we've got whatever it is that suits you best. Click here to see the companies we represent.


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