A New Device That Can Save Your Teen Driver’s Life

We all worry about our kids… especially our teen drivers.

Let’s face it … teens don’t have a reputation for being the safest, most reliable drivers. I’m sure most of us can recall close calls and other mishaps from our own youths involving either ourselves or friends. Of course, those were the days BEFORE cell phones and texting, which means that it’s much harder for kids today to stay safe on the road than it was for us back when we were that age.

Here’s a scary statistic: In the U.S. In 2013, more than 3,100 people died and another 424,000 were injured in car crashes that involved distracted drivers.teen drivers

Even more frightening? 10% of all drivers aged 15 to 19 involved in fatal crashes were reported as being distracted at the time. This age group represents the largest number of distracted drivers involved in fatal collisions. Perhaps needless to say, many of these accidents involved cell phones!

I don’t want to see your teens joining those statistics any more than you do. However, it’s time that we accept that it’s not enough to ask teen drivers to put away their phones while driving. If they get a call or text, that temptation to check their phone might be too strong for them. Instead, what might be needed is a system that protects teens from themselves by deactivating their phones while driving.

There are a number of technology solutions that can provide this function – which frees drivers from distractions – but, when it comes to keeping your teen drivers safe, I very strongly recommend Cellcontrol’s DriveID system.

DriveID is a “smart” technology which disables selected apps and functions on your teen’s phone while your teen is driving. This means that if the phone rings or they get a text, they won’t hear a notification until their car is parked. At the same time, you can choose to allow your phone calls to go through (just in case there’s an emergency). It’s also programmed to only affect your teen while they’re in the driver’s seat, so they can still make phone calls as a passenger.

Installation of DriveID is as simple as sticking the device behind the car’s rear-view mirror and installing an app on your teen’s phone (after which you select which phone functions will be disabled). The device is solar-powered so it never needs batteries.

In addition, for all of you worried parents out there, DriveID can also track whether your child is speeding which allows to encourage other safer driving habits as well. It’s a very useful way to correct several bad driving behaviors at the same time so you can keep your child a bit safer on the road.

I highly recommend DriveID, and would be happy to talk to you further about it. If you have questions or want to learn more, review the attached flyer, give us a call at your convenience at 203-775-2564, or visit their website at www.CellControl.com.

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